I'm embroiled in controversy.

I'm thinking of lashing out or possibly vowing to do something.

Maybe I'll overhaul the tax code so that the budget balances on the backs of the poor. Or issue a scathing report. Then I can ramp (or ratchet) up my efforts, maybe even redouble them.

Not to mention taking a tougher line on Soupy Sales.

I told you not to mention Soupy Sales! But it's OK to reference him.

And while you're at it, why not sit on a powder keg with the authorities?

It's child's play, unless it's in the middle of a torrential downpour. Then it's foul play, and possibly even a shibboleth.

Whether it be an assassin's bullet or the Arab street, you're bound to interview some celebrity, when you catch up with him or her, albeit if you never catch up, you'll have to redouble your efforts at the end of the day, and, laser focused, try to beg the question.

The bottom line is that it's good to be very much in love, but the bad news is that nobody wants to be deeply flawed.

So many people claim to be transparent but really have a plethora of questions swirling about them, so that when they finally gain steam they carve a path of destruction and then go missing. You know then that they are not in Kansas anymore, it was a one off, and now they're spot on the road (Yes, that one).

No matter whence you hail, you'll need resilience to battle cancer or struggle with depression and a host of other enemies on this blue planet, with it's slippery slopes that make it so hard to gain traction.

Disruption and sweeping changes are what I'm all about, going forward.

Unfortunately, sometimes one is tasked to play the race card, which spells danger, but with a good skill set one will rise to a level of one's own and then fly in the face of danger.

Now fast forward to bear the brunt and the onus. It will bode well for you if you push back when you sense a disconnect after taking a deep dive and unpacking an idea. There may be a bit of a dust up, but no real blow back. A mere kerfuffle.

The world is a bastion of bullshit-speak under a cloak of suspicion.

Don't forget to get your ticket valorized when you leave.